Stringing services

At First Service Tennis, we offer traditional stringing services with a wide selection of tennis strings from Babolat, Prince, Wilson, Head, Luxilon and Gamma.

We also offer racquet customization. It’s not just the pros who benefit from customizing their racquets. More and more recreational players are enjoying the benefits as well, whether it’s for performance improvement or to help alleviate an injury. Racquet customization can be matching two or more racquets to the same specifications or altering the grip size, grip shape, weight, balance or swing weight of a particular racquet.

Hybrid string set-up

Hybrid stringing consists of using different strings in the main and cross strings of a racquet. Hybrid stringing can be as simple as varying string thickness between the main and cross string, to using completely different string materials.

Why Should I use a Hybrid String?
Hybrid stringing is gaining popularity as more players are looking for a blend of string qualities. By selecting different hybrid combinations of string, players can fine-tune the playability, comfort, durability, liveliness and control offered by the stringbed. For instance, heavy hitting players can find a good combination of durability and playability with a polyester main string and natural gut or premium synthetic cross string hybrid.

Selecting the Main String
When choosing a hybrid, note that the main string will dominate the overall feel and playability of the two strings. For example, if you are seeking durability, then the most durable of the two strings selected should be chosen as the main string. If your overall goal is playability, then the string with the most desirable playing characteristics should be chosen as the main string. For playability, select a thinner gauge as the main string such as 17 or 18 gauge. For durability, select a thicker main string such 15L or 16 gauge. You can mix gauges between mains and crosses.

Selecting the Cross String
Think of the cross string as having an influence on the main string. While you will not get the full benefit of the string’s playing characteristics, the overall feel of the stringbed will be altered. For example, a soft and forgiving cross string, such as natural gut or multifilament synthetic, can soften-up a stiff and durable main string, such as polyester.

Selecting Tension
To further customize your hybrid selection, you can vary the tension between strings. As a general rule, main strings should be strung tighter than cross strings. This is a popular set-up with professional players and is a good way of increasing the size of the sweet spot.

Stop by First Serve Tennis and meet with our stringers to discuss how changing your racquet strings could change your game for the better!