Pro Tips

When should I get my racket re-strung?
In tennis your racket strings play a major role in your overall performance. Along with your tennis shoes, the proper clothing, a good coach, text-book technique and hours upon hours of practice, good strings can make or break the way you hit the ball. So, if you hit a ball that goes way off course, then aside from the way you might have hit it, the strings on your racket might be to blame.

Keeping your strings in proper working order is imperative. So, just how often should you get your racket re-strung in order for it to be in top shape? Well, at least twice a year. However, many people like to follow the adage that you should change strings as many times a year as you play per week. However, this is not a rule written in stone and if you are an average player who plays recreationally, as long as you change them at least two times a year, and the string response to each hit should be fine.

In the end, the number of times you will choose to change your strings boils down to common sense. If you have recently re-strung your racket and suddenly you feel that you strings are not responding as they should, then it is very possible that you are a heavy spin hitter, something that will require having a racket re-strung far more often than if you are a flat hitter. However, if your strings feel fine even after six months, then you can wait another couple of months before re-stringing your racket.

As long as your serve feels right and each ball you hit keeps heading where you want it, then your racket strings are still responding correctly and you can hold off on re-stringing your racket.