Add Punch To Your Game With New HEAD Graphene XT Instinct Racquet

Stronger, wilder, louder, and a look to die for. The new HEAD Graphene XT Instinct racquet line, marches onto the courts with an entirely new catchy design, a groundbreaking technology and an additional new model to add an extra punch to every game.

The racquet’s eye-catching combination of different blue and coral colors will turn heads before the first ball has ever been hit. But the bold, asymmetric design is not the only unique characteristic the HEAD Graphene XT Instinct racquet line has to offer. It features the next generation of the revolutionary Graphene technology: Graphene XT. With its 30% stronger material structure it has been engineered to optimize the racquet’s weight distribution to where players need it most. As a result, racquets with Graphene XT feature a 10% better energy transfer for a higher ball speed and faster game.

Consisting of the three well-known models MP, S and Lite, the new HEAD Graphene XT Instinct racquet line introduces the new model REV Pro. Featuring a softer feel with less vibration, the racquet’s shorter length allows for greater maneuverability at high power level. In addition, the new model offers the innovative adaptive string pattern (ASP), which allows the player to exchange the grommet set and choose between a 16/16 pattern for more spin or the 16/19 pattern for more control. (View Racket)